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    Unlocking profit - From Gifted to Paid collabs

    Presale - Launching May 2024

    Proven method

    Only 12% of full-time creators make over $50k a year according to Linktree. Meanwhile I closed $30K in sponsorship deals in just two weeks during my last run.

    I can't predict whether your annual earnings will be $10,000, $25,000 or $100,000. I really don't know what your number will be, but what I can tell you is that after following this course you will be able to get a consistent and monthly income from sponsorships with as little as 500 followers.

    You don't need a massive following

    You can begin earning sponsorships with as few as 500 followers selling products and services you may not even be aware of

    Tested, validated and improved endlessly

    Copy my 6-step sales strategy to secure more deals at better rates

    1. My 5 ways to find brands that pay

    It all starts with finding the right brands to team up with. There are tons of ways to find brands to work with, and I've tried quite a few. I've narrowed it down to my top five picks that work for me without eating up all my time.

    Included Assets & Templates:

    • List of platforms for one of the methods
    2. My 6 proven methods for your initial pitch

    Are you tired of being ghosted by brands and not even receiving a single reply? I’ll teach you a combination of direct outreach via DM or Email and indirect creative methods that have proven to work for me over and over again. We’ll go over all 6 methods that work best for me, what to say to brands, what not to say to brands, my exact scripts and how I structure them + the reasoning behind it.

    Included assets & templates:

    • Proven Pitching Scripts
    3. Qualify the lead

    I've got a method that brands have complimented me on multiple times. It helps you stand out and shows them you're not just a production line but a strategic partner. This step is vital. With a tested form, you'll quickly know if you're a match, get everything you need for a homerun offer in the next step, and skip no-budget brands. You'll get a ready-to-use template and we'll go through it together to see why each question matters and how it can boost your sales + increase revenue.

    Included assets & templates:

    • Lead qualifying form (brands love this)
    • List of brands that I have had paid partnerships with
    4. How to make a homerun offer

    I love this part! Sales is all about aligning your offering with their business goals and campaign objectives. Don’t fall into the trap of offering bronze, silver, and gold packages with the only difference being quantity and discounts for larger packages: a guaranteed way to be compared solely on price. Instead, learn how to provide value and never worry about being compared on price again. This will increase your closing rate percentage.

    Included assets & templates:

    • Customizable Media Kit template
    • Proven Offer Scripts
    • Rate calculator
    5. My negotiating tactics

    It’s not about ‘winning’ a deal. It’s about creating a fair outcome for all parties involved so you can start building long-term relationships with brands and agencies and end up with a higher lifetime value. Also don’t settle for discounts. There are better ways.

    Included assets & templates:

    • Proven Scripts to overcome objections like: oh, we only do affiliate or gifted brand deals
    6. It’s time to seal the deal.

    I have seen hundreds of contracts and if you don’t know what you’re doing you might find yourself in legal hot waters. We’ll go over multiple contracts, teaching you what to be warry of and what to make sure you include in contracts.

    Included assets & templates:

    • Sample contract

    Case studies

    In practice - Breakdown of 3 real case studies of brands that I have worked with

    We'll cover it from A to Z: How I found the brand, how I reached out, what their objectives were, what I pitched, the negotiation, the package we settled on and how much I charged (if not under NDA).

    And more..

    The biggest fears from brands when working with influencers

    What products and services can you sell to brands?

    What if they say they only do gifted collaborations?

    Should you give discounts?

    How often should I reach out to brands?

    How most creators price and why it sucks

    You'll love these ready to go assets and templates

    Plus: Bonuses for resolving Your "I'm Not Sure If..." Dilemma!


    Scripts for all situations that I have come across.

    • Initial pitch scripts
    • Homerun offer scripts
    • Objections scripts

    Rate calculator

    No idea or insecure about what to charge? Use my Google Sheets Rate Calculator

    Media Kit

    Built in Figma and easy to customize. It includes a tutorial on how to use it.

    Form to qualify leads

    Ready to go. Simply copy the form and start using it for your next partnership. Brands love this one and increases revenue.

    List of brands that I have worked with

    Neatly organized list of brands that I have had the pleasure to have paid collaborations with.

    Brand deal platforms

    List of platforms that offer great brand partnership opportunities.


    Unlock 20 years of digital agency and content creation experience in one neatly organized course

    Presale: Unlocking Profit - From Gifted to Paid Sponsorships

    by by.amarmuric

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