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    Decade of Digital Experience

    Helping creators, photographers and videographers stand out and build sustainable businesses

    I'm Amar from by.amarmuric

    Hi my friend,

    You might already know me from By.amarmuric, where I focus on bringing workspace inspiration to my audience through creative filmmaking.

    For a solid decade, I co-founded a digital agency, crafting websites, platforms, and apps for both small firms and some of the biggest companies. This journey filled my bag with a wealth of business experience.

    Alongside the digital agency, I ventured into building a social presence online. Throughout my journey as a creator, I've developed and monetized multiple pages across various niches, from gaming and science to home interior design.

    With a combined following of over 750,000, I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two about social media. There's a lot in common between running a digital agency and being a content creator. Combined, these experiences have given me 20 years' worth of knowledge and skills.

    Now, I'm fully dedicated to creating content on By.amarmuric. It's been an incredible journey turning this passion into a full-time career and a sustainable business. I'm eager to help you do the same. To aid you on your path, I'm putting together what you're currently exploring—a collection of tools, resources, and courses.